The new version of you – Fabiana Brito

Sleekgirls community has become a very popular page on Facebook due to the fact that this is a community created for women in order to encourage each other to become mentally and physically healthy.

The Sleekgirl community was firstly created by Elan Lohmann, founder of Sleek Geek SA community, and run and coordinated by Celeste Vandewalle. Elan and Celeste have become such a great inspiration for the South African people since they encourage and motivate these people into taking care of their lives.

All sleekgirls look up to the beautiful Celeste after viewing her amazing body transformation in the past couple of years. Girls have started to believe that it is possible to change their life and body around and be the girls they deserve to be.

This is a community for girls who want to be healthy. This is a community for girls who want to motivate each other to find that happy place themselves. This is a community for all South African girls to join and enjoy the beauty of being healthy, feeling good and looking good.

All of the members on this Facebook page are SleekGirls and they are proud to say that they have transformed their body and have changed their lifestyle for the better.